What is SpaTap?

SpaTap is the simplest way to wash  “On the go”.
SpaTap attaches to virtually any bottle to dispense a flow controllable tap like experience.
It dispenses the maximum amount of wash from the minimum amount of water.
On average a 1L bottle of water will dispense over 10 minutes or up to 100 handwashes.
Extreme water saving!


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SpaTap is quickly becoming the must have water saving device of the 21st Century

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How It Works

 Are your hands dirty? Do you need to wash your body or clean a wound?
Attach to any bottle, squeeze or open bung for an instant refreshing, water saving wash.
Quickly clean a dirty child or wash food. Simple to use, powerful to clean.

Made With:

The highest quality UV Stable, food & water grade silicone.
A tough Velcro adjustable hanging strap.
Nylon cord and a robust cord lock toggle.
The hanging strap can conveniently be stored with the SpaTap.

Eco Friendly

Water Saving, Bottle Upcycling, Recyclable Silicone, Solar Hot Water

A must have bit of kit

No matter the size of your rucksack or travel bag, SpaTap will go with you everywhere!


Sleek, Intuitive, Ergonomic, Pocket Sized, Indestructible, Child Friendly, Strong

Hang Your SpaTap Anywhere

We include the hang strap, cord lock toggle, high quality Velcro adjustable hanger.

Multi Purpose

Camping, Emergencies, First Aid, Sport, Garden, 4WD, Child Cleaning

Different Colours For Different Situations

SpaTap Blue, Hot Red, Eco Green, Sleek Black, Hi Vis Orange

Who Uses SpaTap?

Join thousands of users that are saving water and keeping clean.

SpaTap is used by a massive variety of people and organisations, campers, NGO’s, charities, schools, film crews, defence force personnel, busy mums, hikers, gardeners, truck drivers, barbequers, picnickers, motorists, dog walkers, in fact anyone that needs a tap.

Order a SpaTap today and never be without a wash again

Got me one of these……epic item.
Jason Leslie
Excellent water saving device.
Teresa Rettke
Brilliant idea !
Chris Howell
I have had one for about a year now, very good to hang off a tree or the ladder rack of the ute. Saves a massive amount of water washing hands. Fits straight onto most plastic bottles.
Bob Cronin
Excellent design! Very impressive. Can’t wait to take one backpacking in the spring.
Joe Pascoe